Me, Mood, Get Active

ME: that’s you!!

MOOD: we all have them, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re not!! Sometimes we are in control of them, other times we just don’t know what the hell is going on!! We have all heard of, or experienced, the ups and downs of how we feel. The ups that give us heaps of energy, laughter and fun; the downs where sadness, laying around and doing nothing seems like just too much.

There are many ways to help you regulate, improve or stabilise how you feel…

GETTING ACTIVE: is one of them. One of the best and most natural ways to improve your mood when you’re feeling low is to exercise. Research supports the theory – people who exercise regularly experience fewer symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

This website is all about health and fitness, teenage issues, mental health information, community activities, sports news and sports skills. It’s to help you improve or find out what you can do to get active and improve your health and mental wellbeing.

Depression affects one in five of us, and according to the World Health Organisation depression will be the number one cause of disability by 2030.

Effects of Risk Taking Behaviour

As young people it is your duty to work hard and play harder. This area will give you information on some of the risky areas young people participate in. Here you will find what the effects of these activities have on you and how it can affect others.

Sports Club Central

Sports and doing physical activities are a positive way to influence your overall mood and health. They can be a great way of meeting people with the same interests as yourself, keeping yourself fit, maintaining your bodyweight and sustaining your energy levels so you can keep up with your work as well as your free time.

If you are looking for a local club to begin a new physical activity or just want to check out how your team did over the weekend then this section is for you!


To help us deal with everyday situations we sometimes need to quieten our mind, plan where we want to be, and work out how we are going to get there. Spiritual health will show you ways to get in tune with yourself, manage your anger, channel your energies and help you set your goals for the future.

Emotional Health

Coping with everyday situations can be hard. As a young person, dealing with anxiety and depression can be detrimental to your education and social life. Reachout, Blackdog Biteback, YouthBeyond Blue, E-couch, Moodgym and Livewire are excellent sites that can help you cope with or give you useful strategies on dealing with your thoughts and feeling.


Healthy Lifestyle

Getting regular exercise, adequate sleep and balancing the demands of work and school with relaxation help to provide a balanced, healthy lifestyle. More emphasis on one area while neglecting another can cause stress, poor health and the inability to cope with the demands of daily life.

Here you will find information and links that will help you start or maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

HOW EXERCISE IMPROVES YOUR MOOD: Exercising when I feel down?… no way… I just can’t do it… my bed is my cave… leave me alone… When feeling low the last thing anyone wants to do is go outside and get active. Anyone who has done it will tell you… IT WORKS… YOU WILL FEEL BETTER! WHY? •The release of endorphins (described as the body's feel-good chemical) •Gets you up and outside •Being busy takes your mind off your troubles •Improves energy levels •Helps reduce the production of stress hormones •Improves your sleep pattern •Improves your social interaction with others •Improves self-esteem and self-image